Award-winning Journalist and Author

MUSE talk crop smlI’m an award-winning journalist and author of “Your Water Footprint”, winner of Best Science Book for the General Public .  I’ve given dozens of talks and presentations on environmental issues including water, climate, energy, biodiversity and more.

A bit of back story:

In the midst of a successful corporate career I changed direction to pursue my growing interest in writing, science, conservation and the environment. Over the past 20+ years I’ve written more than 2000 articles on science and environmental topics around the world for National Geographic, the Guardian, New Scientist, IPS, and many more.

For some of this work I was fortunate enough to receive the prestigious Prince Albert/United Nations Global Prize for Climate Change and Environment Reporting.

%22your water footprint%22 reviewsIn late 2014 my first book was published:  Your Water Footprint: The Shocking Facts Behind Our Thirst for Earth’s Most Precious Resource.   Reviewers called the book “brilliant and shocking” and “exceptionally lucid”.  And then it won the award for best science book in Canada.

I’ve done presentations for all ages and backgrounds including kindergarten kids and scientists in California, journalists in South Africa, public officials in Spain, general public in Idaho, teachers and business executives in Toronto.

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Some presentations:

* Your Water Footprint: The Shocking Facts Behind Our Thirst for Earth’s Most Precious Resource

  • Why water is more valuable and useful than oil.
  • How each of us consumes 8000 litres (2100 gal) per day!
  • Water scarcity now affects 2 out of 3 people every year

* The Inside Story of the International Climate Change Negotiations — Toronto, Ontario

* Ethanol and Biofuels – Environmental Implications — Ontario Society of Environmental Education 60th Annual Conference 

* Beyond Oil, Our Carbon Future – Destiny Quebec — Lower Canada College, Montreal

* Climate Change and the Media McGill University Green Week, Montreal

* Career Choices for Young Journalists King’s College School of Journalism, Halifax, Canada

* Attitude Adjustment: Changing our relationship with water from commodity to sacred – World Expo on Water, Zaragoza, Spain

* Climate Change and South Africa — Briefing for Local Journalists –– Cape Town, South Africa

* Environmental Journalism and Communication with the Public -International Forum on Drought, Sevilla, Spain

* Journalists are from Venus, Scientists are from Mars: Bridging the Worlds of Science and Journalism — Society of Conservation Biology International Conference in San Jose, California

* Scientists and Media — Improving Communication —   International Association for Great Lakes Research, Cornwall, Ontario


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