Help Sustain Independent Environmental Journalism

For-profit corporate media have slashed coverage of environmental issues.

Instead of quitting I launched Community Supported Environmental Journalism in 2009. In exchange for producing articles about important issues that millions will read*, I am asking people to provide some support.  Just $10 a month helps guarantee Environmental Journalism that serves the public interest continues.  — Stephen


“Stephen Leahy, a Canadian, and one of the world’s best-known investigative reporters on environmental issues, has launched a challenge: if corporations won’t pay for the news, then it is up to communities and the public to fill the gap.  A free society needs journalism, even if reporting the news is not commercially profitable” . — Daniel Wermus, Swiss journalist and founder of Media21 Global Journalism Network

From the Canadian Journalism Project:

Freelance environmental journalism: Going it alone and making it work

With little demand for environmental stories in Canadian mainstream publications, freelance journalist Stephen Leahy faced two options: Give up the beat, or find a new way to make ends meet. Paul Weinberg explains why the 20-year veteran chose the latter and how he is faring.

From Story Board:

“People say to me all the time ‘my God, this is amazing stuff, how come I never knew about these things?’ So people want it and I want to keep doing it. How do we make this happen? The only solution I could come up with was, well, they have to pay me directly. Publishers aren’t going to pay, and many of the places I write for can’t pay. Who benefits from this stuff, who wants to see it? The readers. And so why not ask them?” — Freelancer Stephen Leahy on crowdfunding his environmental journalism


Automatic Monthly Support:

This option means I can spend more time writing & less time fund raising. (You can cancel at any time directly through the PayPal Donate service – no need to contact me. )

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*More than 100,000 non-profits safely use PayPal Donate service

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By Mail for checks/cheques: Contact me directly for mailing address and other options.

*NOTE: All articles are sent to supporters, available on this website and accessible to millions of people around the world on other news websites such as The Guardian, IPS, Vice Motherboard, National Geographic NewsWatch, Reuters AlertNetTerraVivaTierramerica, Common Dreams, InfoSud,, and many more news networks that have little money for original journalism but many readers.

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