The People Who Support Environmental Journalism in the Public Interest

“My family and I are deeply grateful to those who have made contributions, let me sleep in their homes, paid for a meal, offered kind words or suggested contacts.”  — Stephen

Special thanks to:

Joseph in Oregon, Jim in Toronto, Fred in Maryland, Anne of Berkeley,  Richard in California, Kristin, Roger, Rich in Ontario, Marie, Mark in Ottawa, Michael in Vermont, Hugh in Ottawa, Lynn in Missouri, Janos, James in London, James in Quebec, Kevin, Erin, Nancy, Leif, Jakob, Vickie, Marie in California, Mark of Ottawa, Julie in Alaska, John S in Canberra, Rebecca in Vancouver, Mycle in Paris, Jeremy of Ontario, Michael in Guatemala, Ken and Mark in Ottawa, James from Toronto, Richard of Oshawa, Aidan who lives in Germany, Siri of London UK, Michael of Toronto, David of Salmon Arm and Catherine from Atikokan, John from the Yukon, Ashwini in Switzerland, Peter Carter, Donna Gibbs, Peter Gorrie, Godo Stoyke, Roberto Savio, Kat Haber, Ben Hoffman, Noreen Calderbank, Michael Dyet, Christopher Conrad; Penney Kome; Louis Bertrand; Brewster Kneen; Ann Wakelin; Gail Lawlor; Patricia Warwick; Ann Clark; Karl and Tina Winkler; Marie and Bill Leahy; Mimi Radda: Janet McNeill; Rob Wakelin; and many more

“…a democratic society needs journalism. I think the public understands the importance of journalism and is supportive of the need for journalism…” Mike Fancher, former 20-year executive editor of the Seattle Times

Contributions can be made via PayPal or Credit Card

Please consider a one-time donation of $25, $50, or $100 to ensure coverage of important issues that are shaping our world and our future. (More than 100,000 non-profits use PayPal Donate service)

Monthly Support
This option means I can spend a lot more time asking questions and writing. (You can cancel at any time.)

Click here for monthly contribution options starting @$10

Support for independent environmental journalism can take many forms:

* Sending a link to this site or the the stories posted here to people on your email list — and ask them to pass them on.

* Contact media outlets asking them to use stories published by IPS. Remarkably few publications do despite the very low cost and widespread publication by Latin American, European, Asian and African media.

* And keep in touch, send your ideas and thoughts.

WHY Invest in Community Supported Journalism?

Journalism is a critical element in building and sustaining strong democracies, enhancing civic participation and good governance, and promoting justice and peace. A glance at what’s left of the radically downsized mainstream media reveals their focus is almost entirely on politics, sports and celebrities. Largely absent is informative stories that help people become aware of and understand crucial environmental and social issues.

A new form of public journalism called Community Supported Journalism is emerging. This means people directly support independent journalists who craft honest and thoughtful articles about important subjects the mainstream media largely ignores or distorts.That makes investment by individuals crucial. How Community Supported Journalism Works.

9 thoughts on “The People Who Support Environmental Journalism in the Public Interest

  1. Steve,
    I understand the need for financial support, and the work you are doing is important. How can I make a contribution to the fund? For example, would US$100 help?

  2. Stephen,
    I am Kushagra, a PhD, from School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. I want to devote some time and for awarness for cause of Environmental Journalism to expand my knowledge base for same. Kindly Guide me for same.
    have anice day

    • Kushagra, India would be an excellent place to write about environmental issues and your background will be good use. Take some basic journalism courses and that should be enough to get you started. I can give you the contact info for IPS editor in Delhi.

      email me

  3. Since your readers may perhaps be interested in this new development, I am taking the liberty of writing to you about Grow-Trees,com that we are Dedicating to the Planet on World Environment Day, June 5, 2010. is a web-enabled social business that offers environmentally-conscious individuals and companies the opportunity to Greet with Trees. Offset with trees. and Gift to the Planet flowers, fruit, fodder and fuel for all living creatures.

    We invite to visit our website
    With best wishes,
    Pradip Shah

  4. When Can i find your email to get in touch with you?Great articles.

    Looking forward to your response.

  5. You have my full support, I will help to spread your word here in Finland. Not too many journalists have the guts or knowledge to print what you dare to.

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