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2 thoughts on “CONTACT STEPHEN

  1. Hi Stephen,

    I came across your interesting website via
    I thought you might be interested in wiring a report on Norway’s CCS efforts within R&D, testing and real carbon capture projects.
    Technology Centre Mongstad is the world’s largest facility for testing and improving CO2 capture. Knowledge gained will prepare the ground for CO2 capture initiatives to combat climate change. TCM is a joint venture between the Norwegian state, Statoil, Shell and Sasol.

    Please see our website, and feel free to contact me.

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Stephen,

    I am a University student in my first year of a Geography degree and I’ve been researching what it could lead on to. Today I discovered Environmental Journalism and, after looking at what it involves, I’m really interested in doing this job. I just wondered if you had any advice/tips on how to get into this career? I’d really appreciate it.
    Good luck with your work!
    Kind regards

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