Blood Diamonds and Prosecuting Child Soldiers for War Crimes

The first person they have to kill is someone in their own family — or be killed themselves,” says Susan McKay of the University of Wyoming who has interviewed boy and girl child soliders throughout central Africa.

blooddiamond-movie-poster-sml.jpgMost girls are forcibly abducted and given roles as cooks, porters, spies, “wives” and in combat, McKay said.

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In spite of this fact legal experts believe child soldiers should be held accountable for war crimes otherwise they may be more likely to be chosen by warlords to perform the worst atrocities.

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**UPDATE JAN 2010**

Blood diamond problem has largely been solved but now there may be “Blood Coltan” in your phone, ipod, and other electronic devices…read the shocking story here World’s “Grotesque Indifference” to Congo “Rape Mines”

what you can do:

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