IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your Input Needed for Special Global Warming Project

Over the years people have asked for explanations about various aspects of global warming or climate change (ie what’s the difference?). I’ve probably written close to 100 stories on climate change but it may be time to put the whole subject together in a format that is concise, accurate and easy to understand. So I’m considering putting together a very brief eBook as an PDF electronic download and offering it on the highly-regarded self-publishing site or from me directly.

Before investing the time and effort to put this together – please remember my livelihood is independent environmental journalism – I would like to have at least 25 people send me an email (writersteve AT gmail . com) or a comment to let me know they support this idea and would consider purchasing it. (only $5.00 — see ad notice below)

Please pass this link on to anyone who might be interested — or you think should be:].

Cheers and thanks for your support — Stephen


——–Draft eBook Notice——–



Really Brief BUT Authoritative Guide to Global Warming
Global warming, the latest climate science (including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Feb 2 report) and how it is changing our world explained in less than 20 factual and easily understood pages by experienced science writer Stephen Leahy.


Includes loads of links to high-quality, authoritative websites for more detailed information and further exploration of the most important issue of the 21st century.

$5.00 as high-quality eBook as PDF electronic download. (Note: To be published only if enough people say they want it.)