Overcoming Climate of Despair and Apathy

a.jpeg“Climate Change, Despair and Empowerment” roadshow is coming to North America starting in Miami April 14 and on to Arkansas, Ontario, US Northeast. Author and eco-activist John Seed of Australia leads a series of ‘pay-what-you-can’ workshops designed to start, invigorate and support grassroots climate study/action groups.

The evening or day long workshops address the hopeless despair that many people feel and provide tools to transform despair into empowerment and effective action. This will be based on the Despair & Empowerment work of Joanna Macy and will:

* unveil the false and “business as usual”, solutions being touted by the major political parties such as nuclear power and so called “clean coal”.

* raise awareness and inspire political action towards the real solutions that we, the people, must insist upon. (eg. end the many billion dollars a year in subsidies to the fossil fuel industries, support energy efficiency, solar, wind etc.)

* provide resources for the many things that we can all do to turn the situation around.

* Support a network of Climate Study/Action Groups across N America.

Highly recommended — see this recent story for more about the roadshow and what it hopes to accomplish:

Passion Needed to Meet Climate Challenge

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