Kenya’s Troubles thru a Photojourno’s Eyes [pix]



Kyle Douglas is a young professional bike racer in Europe while his friend Mike Berube, a photojournalist, is currently in Nairobi, Kenya documenting the unrest there.

Here’s Kyle’s take:

“Most nights I come home and I fix my bikes, work on writing up my race reports for the family and friends back home. Mike meanwhile has to go out in to a country that is polluted with violence and risk his life so that we can read about it as we drink our morning coffee!

Kyle, who is the son of two good friends of mine, asks Mike ten questions about his life. One of them:

What Kind of story will you tell your grand kids?

racer-kyle-in-europe.jpgI would tell them to be aware of the world and events and to show compassion and help those in need of a voice, shoulder, friend or someone to listen too… And to speak out against wrong in the world. Protest peacefully either by painting, writing, photography… whatever it takes… and in that protest… to help and show others [how] to protest so that people may live safe and happy like them.

Two amazing young men.

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