Welcome to Global Warming Year 2008

I’m guessing 2008 will be the year of learning two new things about climate change:

1. How difficult it is to reduce carbon emissions.

This not a technical issue nor even an economic one. It is institutional. Those who long denied climate change still have enormous influence.

2. Adapting to climate change means difficult moral choices.

Are we going to focus our efforts in the developed world to buffer ourselves from the impacts and build walls to keep climate refugees out?

Or are we going to focus on helping those who will be most affected by a world-changing problem that the developed world caused?

Wisdom before action. Compassion before fear.

— Stephen

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Global Warming Year 2008

  1. Good points. Maybe we should take to calling this Global Warming Year 12,008 rather than using the normal Gregorian calendar which is so out of date, as we know the world did not begin 2000 years ago. And maybe year 12,008 is not so good either. Maybe we should start writing this year as 4,000,008…..just to wake everyone up.

    Then again, things were just fine back then. before humans.

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