The Best Green Radio/Podcast


Radio Ecoshock is a brilliant weekly one-hour roundup of the big environmental and social issues of our time. Alex Smith collects the best podcasts, conference recordings and original interview from a refreshing diversity of leading experts and authorities.

Many great ideas and fascinating commentary that you won’t hear anywhere else:

* “the business model of the auto industry is broken— Dr. Peter Morici, Professor of International Business at the University of Maryland

* coal-fired power plants are dumping thousands of tonnes radioactive waste such as thorium and uranium into the air and on the land

* London-based Gwynne Dyer columnist, author, military historian on extreme climate change and resulting wars

* Dec 8 show — includes shameless but hilarious, twisted XMAS songs from the coal industry: “Ho Ho Ho Clean Coal for the Holidays” and “Frosty the Coal Man”.

Lots of supplemental information on the RE blog — Ecoshock Program Notes.

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