The New Campus Cool: Water Fountains for Drinking – Uni bans bottled water

Water tastes much better in a steel or ceramic container than plastic. And it is a hell of lot healthier. See my previous posts about various studies about plastic container  –  Plastic Bottles Leach Estrogen – ‘Healthy’ Mineral Water  Contaminated by Plastic and Bring Back Glass – Ban BPA (bisphenol A) Plastic Containers Now

See also: Plastic chemical linked to female aggression

Not to mention Drowning the Oceans in Plastic Trash (Pacific Garbage Patch)

So big green thumbs up to the University of Ottawa and its student federation announcement — Stephen

No More Sales of Bottled Water

Students, faculty, staff and other members of the uOttawa community are encouraged to find alternatives to bottled water, such as filling up cups, glasses and re-usable bottles at the nearest fountain or tap on campus.

Since 2008, the University of Ottawa has invested over $100,000 to revitalize its water fountains. An additional $75,000 will be invested next year.

The improvements include gooseneck fountains for quick and easy filling of re-usable bottles, new fountains near food service outlets, upgrades to existing fountains. The fountains are wheelchair accessible, have increased waster pressure and better refrigeration.

via University of Ottawa marks the end bottled water sales on its campus | News Releases & Announcements | University of Ottawa Media Room.

One thought on “The New Campus Cool: Water Fountains for Drinking – Uni bans bottled water

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