James Lovelock is in news because he is apparently backtracking on his climate doom views. If true, a remarkable turnabout – but based on no real evidence. I interviewed him some time ago saying climate change was happening much faster than any expected. Puzzling to say the least —

Stephen Leahy, International Environmental Journalist

Lovelock_James credit Sandy Lovelock

Stephen Leahy interviews JAMES LOVELOCK the scientist who first proposed the Gaia Hypothesis

TORONTO, June 5 2009 (Tierramérica)

“When the first great climate disaster strikes, I hope we will all pull together just as if our nation were being invaded,” says British scientist James Lovelock in this exclusive Tierramérica interview.

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As the world marksInternational Environment Day Friday, Lovelock argues that as the climate warms and the carbon content of the atmosphere soars, humanity is facing a far grimmer future that will be upon us sooner than any of the projections made by the Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change (IPCC).

A chemist, physician and biophysicist, Lovelock is one of the world’s foremost environmental scientists and founder of the Gaia Hypothesis, which describes the planet as a living organism, a complex system in…

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  1. The MSNBC ‘faux’ interview with James Lovelock was PR gimmick: MSM got punked! I got the goods on this one. Ian Johnston an EDITOR at MSNBC not a reporter
    did the world a huge dis-service by pretending to conduct an interview with Dr Lovellock last week, it was a mere PR gimmick and I found the truth out by
    reading between the lines. The entire media got punked, left and right, from David Roberts and Joe Romm on left to Marc Morano and Anthony Watts on right, and the
    entire blogosphere took the PR baid and went fishing. THE ENTIRE “STORY” was a fake PR gimmick to set up pre-orders for Lovelock’s 2013 book about climate change
    the last book on a trilogy on GAIA……

    don’t believe me ? read this and then ask me any question. MOST people even NYTimes got punked on this. Think about it

    ”How MSNBC’s Ian Johnston Mis-Reported the James Lovelock Non-Story That Went Viral ”

    google that title


    by danbloom / April 25, 2012

    How the MSNBC Ian Johnston take-down article on James Lovelock
    happened and why now? This week, this month. When in fact, there was no news event going on to report. I got the inside scoop here, if you care to know how MSNBC missed the boat on this one and threw a lopsided inside sinker that went nowhere and reported nothing but marketing hype for Lovelock’s 2013 book.

    Since when did MSNBC get into the PR and marketing business?

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