Interconnections: Diary of an Independent Environmental Journalist

This is the first of a hopefully a daily conversation about the stories I am working on, the process of researching and covering environmental and other issues and probably some rants. Ok, that’s what everyone does in the blogosphere. Turned out to be a big deal for me because even after six months of agonizing over it I remain ….

A Reluctant Blogger.


Like many journalists, I am more than a little shy of revealing what I am doing and how I do it. Not sure why this is exactly, so we’ll see what happens here. Also not keen either on sharing my opinions beyond family and a few friends, unless I am getting paid for doing op eds or columns.

That brings me to the real sticking point.

As an independent journalist, I have supported my family by the paid word for the last 12 years. Writing about environmental issues is one of the steeper paths in the very challenging career of freelancing so it’s hard to write anything for free.

Hard as Granite

Why now?

Interconnections. So I can get your input on what I am doing, and hear your ideas, sources of information, contacts etc. I have already received some thoughtful feedback which has improved my work I hope. And I will try to answer your questions about environmental issues, journalism and media. When ever I do talks there are usually lots of media questions such as why was that story is on the front page or lead item on a TV newscast and not another.

I’d really like to make this a conversation. I hope you do too.