First Ever: Two Hurricane Landfalls on Same Day – Pix

Yesterday was the first time Atlantic and Pacific hurricanes have made landfall on the same day. Here is an super picture of both Felix and Henriette by

NASA (high resolution pix here):


Can only hope and pray that damage from these massive storms is minimal.

Check Reuters AlertNet for various emergency assistance agencies that are sending aid to these areas and for information updates.

To learn more about modern hurricanes and the potential link to climate change check out Steve’s Hurricane Handbook 2007. This is a compendium of the most interesting quotes and facts about hurricanes from scientists and other experts since 2004. You can download this collection free of charge but nothing is truly free. Donations appreciated

3 thoughts on “First Ever: Two Hurricane Landfalls on Same Day – Pix

  1. Fascinating coincidence. Despite all that commentary and coverage about Felix and the hurricane/climate change debate the past week, this is the first time I’ve seen someone point out the dueling landfalls on the same day (albeit on opposite sides of Central America)

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