Artists Desperately Needed to Inspire Change

franke-my-suv-sml.jpgKnowledge does not often inspire action. Feelings like compassion and anger do. Good art generates passion.

Here’s a relevant excerpt from an article written by an artist in recent issue of SEED magazine:

The point is that the artists’ view is invaluable precisely because they are not experts and do not have the authority granted by science. They are only as persuasive as their images. As nonexperts—though interested and knowledgeable—they stand in for the view of the everyman. This reflects the nature of urban and natural systems. They transcend boundaries; they transcend borders, disciplines, issues, and expertise. With art, the viewer knows that she has a license to interpret, to critically evaluate the work, that her opinion matters.

copyright franke jamesToronto artist Franke James exemplifies this in a series of beautiful and powerful visual essays on environmental topics on her website. Franke has a very personal and thoughtful take which brings home some of the dry and terrible facts of climate change. Highly recommended.


Also be sure to check out Franke’s timely visual essay that has been featured in newspapers and likely to become a classic:

My SUV and Me Say Goodbye