US Social Forum – Atlanta

For the first time ever in the US a huge range of public interest groups are coming together for a networking conference in Atlanta starting June 27. Similar social forums have been held in various parts of the world for several years. While it may seem a bit vague, the idea is to build linkages and relationships between grassroots organizations. I can’t attend but am sure it would be very interesting and perhaps the start of something special.

2 thoughts on “US Social Forum – Atlanta

  1. Opportunity Available: Voluntary Action Needed to Thwart Climate Change with Low Tech/Low Cost Bulding Technology.
    We have policy and programs in place. We just need to use them. Voluntary action is needed to make buildings more energy efficient.
    Energy efficiency of buidings reduces dependence on non- renewables, reduces emissions and yeilds significant return on investment – far more quickly than wind, hydro or solar power. “Sexy” high tech renewables all are high in equipment and technology cost and dependent upon federal and local subsidies. Clean Energy programs are often subject to frequent revision and expiration.
    Far less glamorous, yet much more cost effective, are dollars spent to pursue Energy Star/LEED( national) and Earthcraft(southeast) building guidelines.
    Federal and local tax benefits are available to do so. Incentives are often underutilised because building owners mistakingly believe that current or recent building codes ensure the best energy optimization. Codes are laboriously updated often, yet do no such thing. A tight building envelope that uses energy efficiently has to be initiated by concerned and knowledgeable voluntary parties.
    Energy efficiency programs have been in place for many years and have been downscaled/eliminated from lack of interest. They just don’t have a big advertising budget.
    For those who still need a fight for their rights, “Fight Al Qaeda with insulation” ( title of seminar talk by an energy efficiency professional).
    As mundane as it may seem, effective, energy saving insulation methods is within reach of most concerned building owners. Voluntary action is needed.

  2. Efficiency is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to reduce energy use all experts say. The potential is huge and not been tapped since the oil crisis of the 1970s.

    I have seen effeciency codes in Canada rolled back in the past decade because a few building developers complained it added to their costs.

    Tks Jill

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