Protecting Canada’s Water from the US


Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canada lost control over its energy resources. Now, with “NAFTA-plus”, Canada could also lose control over its freshwater resources, say experts in this Sept 2007 article CANADA: Losing Control of Water Through NAFTA and SPP

Now the Canadian Water Issues Council (CWIC) has written a model law to protect Canadian waters.

“There is a growing risk that North Americans may commit the ultimate ecological error by beginning to move large amounts of water over long distances, resulting in massive economic losses and ecosystem collapse in many donor regions,” says Ralph Pentland, CWIC’s Acting Chairman.

“The model legislation, drafted by the Council, addresses the need for a national approach to protecting this vital resource.”

See webcast of panel discussion on this and what it may take to turn this into real law.

2 thoughts on “Protecting Canada’s Water from the US

  1. Hi
    I interviewed Ralph on and lots of other thing that never
    comes up is these super corridors, have a look at our special report on it.
    bit of a wake up call. I agree that canada needs a federal hammer to organise all the
    22 and counting agencies that have something to do with our water. problem is folks
    is us. yep us,as in canadians who dont vote,dont push their issues, we let these politicians who for the most part are honest hard working folks call our agenda. nova scotia minister of the environment told us on air that charest,campbell and himself all agree that something needs to be sorted out. folks get telling your mp’s that your not going to sit for this anymore. ralph is on the edge here right idea smart guys, no political will. get writing, get involved, get rude if you have to or face the consequences. tell the kids theres no water left. unless they have a cheque.
    thanks very much , go canada!
    bob brouse

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