Coming Clean on Carbon Emissions

By Stephen Leahy

JOHANNESBURG, Apr 30 (IPS) – Thousands of companies supplying some of the world’s largest corporations know climate regulations are coming and are agreeing to measure their emissions of climate-altering greenhouse gases.

“Companies, including those in least developed countries, are worried about the risks of extreme weather, water shortages and so on that climate change poses,” said Paul Dickinson, CEO of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an independent not-for-profit organisation in Britain that is coordinating the effort.

Multinationals like Tesco and Unilever may not generate huge amounts of carbon emissions from their own stores or head offices, but their suppliers — which number in the thousands and are located all over the world — certainly do. It would be foolish to pretend these were not part of a corporation’s carbon footprint, Dickinson told IPS.

“Unlike politicians, corporations have long lives. And everyday consumers ‘vote’ with their dollars,” he said.

The CDP is the world’s largest investor collaboration on climate change, with 385 institutional investors holding assets worth 57 trillion dollars. Increasingly, leading companies and their investors know that climate change poses significant business risks and liabilities and are attempting to reduce their risks by curbing emissions.

Under the CDP’s Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration, 11 major corporations were asked to obtain information from their suppliers last January about greenhouse gas emissions, emissions reduction targets and climate change strategy.

The results have now been compiled, and were released Wednesday by CDP. They show that 96 percent of suppliers identified greenhouse gas regulation as a potential risk. Suppliers also foresee extreme weather conditions adversely affecting operations and slowing productivity. Some 58 percent identified reducing energy consumption as the best means of managing climate change-related risks.

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One thought on “Coming Clean on Carbon Emissions

  1. Global warming has been affecting the climate of the world very drastically. It is a significant fact. I have worked in a Marine Pollution Monitoring project in persian Gulf, where EPA, State of Kuwait has deployed 8 OCEANOR Environmental Buoys for monitoring the pollution levels of Persian Gulf. I was a Project Coordinator, there and in my own experience in watching the data on various parameters, have singificantly noticed the ocean temperature deviation from summer to winter and also the impact of these rise in temperature n Organic Matter content of the ocean and as well as the Salinity.
    To day the agricultural crops in India are drastically came down and also the monsoon showers which are the real contributor for the agricultural production, are also significantly become minimal.
    World shoud understand the impact of polluting carbon dioxide and other gases like carbon monoxide emitting from the motor vehicles from all over the cities. Countries like U.S.A. are responsiblt for bringing down the carbon level in the world, being the major pollutor. They even have not signed in the Kyoto Protocol and what repsonsibiltiy they bear as a major scientific contributor for solving man’s very threatening problem.
    Think on it. U.S. should come up with simple problem solving strategies and the people of America shold learn to live simple methods selling most of their private vehicles. they should depend moer on Government vehicles and thus reduce the carbon emission and bringing down the oil consumption.
    Rajeevan M.

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