Cut Energy Costs 70%: Save Money, Live Better, Help the Climate

Making buildings more environmentally friendly is the easiest and most effective way to cut climate-changing carbon emissions, often slashing energy costs by up to 70 percent.

So why isn’t there a massive effort to “green up” existing buildings and set green standards for all new construction?

Apparently energy costs aren’t high enough. And then there are multi-billion-dollar government subsidies paid to the energy sector to lower the actual cost of energy, tilting the market away from green buildings towards the cheapest built structures.

FACT: The most efficient buildings today use about 70 percent less energy than conventional properties.

Despite proven environmental, economic and health benefits of green buildings they only account for 2% of all new commercial buildings and even smaller percentage of new homes. 

See full article:

Cut Energy Costs 70%: Save Money, Live Better, Help the Climate 

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