Global Day of Action Against Monsanto

maize - mexicoCanadians are calling and writing the Minister of Health to ask that she immediately halt the introduction of Monsanto’s new eight-trait GM (genetically modified) corn called “SmartStax” because it was not assessed for safety by Health Canada.

“SmartStax” corn was authorized this summer by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for planting next year but was not examined by Health Canada for human health safety.

This is part of a global action opposing Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) crops under the first “International Day of Action Against Multinational Corporations” initiated by the global farmers’ movement called La Via Campesina.

“Its extremely significant that La Via Campesina is focusing their World Food Day action on Monsanto and GM crops. It shows us that farmers around the world see GM crops as a major threat to their survival,” said Devlin Kuyek, a Montreal-based researcher for the international group GRAIN.

[Here’s my full story on SmartStax corn variety that could be planted next spring in US/Canada]

Monsanto, Dow Stacking the Deck, Critics Say
By Stephen Leahy

BERLIN, Jul 29 (IPS) – The most complex genetically engineered corn (maize) yet has been approved for use next year in Canada and the United States without its potential health and environmental risks being investigated, anti-biotech activists charged Wednesday. Continue reading