Organic Cure for Brain-damaging Pesticides Found in US Children


Children eating a normal diet have low levels of organophosphates — the family of pesticides spawned by the creation of nerve gas agents in World War II — according to a recent research says the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

But once they switched to eating only organic foods these pesticides disappeared within 36 hours from the kids’ bodies.

Malathion and chlorpyrifos were the principal chemicals Emory University’s School of Public Health study found. Death or serious health problems have been documented in thousands of cases with high-level exposures. But impacts at low levels have been more difficult to determine. Animal studies do show chronic dietary exposure to chlorpyrifos results in neurological impairment i.e. brain and nervous system affects.

bio-fruit-counter-austria.jpgThe P-I article also details what foods have highest levels pesticides.

I wrote a detailed article about an earlier study by Emory U: Overweight? Hungry? Blame “Hollow Food”

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3 thoughts on “Organic Cure for Brain-damaging Pesticides Found in US Children

  1. Awww, at first I thought that the cure was found inside of the children – like we’d be harvesting kids – in an organic way – to to fight brain-damaging pesticides. That may have been a bigger story.

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