3 thoughts on “Vote for the Green Economy

  1. Hello fellow Canadian’s,

    as a very proud born & raised Canadian I have felt for a long time that if their is any country on this planet that should be leading the world on climate change that it should be Canada. our great country filled with wilderness & wildlife should be so precious to all of us regardless of political &/or economical interest’s,yet our current conservative government & what might be a majority conservative in the very near future had chosen to completely ignore real action on climate change & building a green economy.

    Take for example the resent Sierra club of Canada report on party policy or total lack their of – http://www.sierraclub.ca/national/vote-canada/2008/voters-guide-climate-crisis-election.pdf in which our conservative government placed dead last with a grade of > F+ 20YEARS < behind country’s like Sweden & Norway who’s Green economies are doing just fine.

    So this election I have decided to vote for the environment & our future. PLEASE consider doing the same by voting ABC (ANYTHING BUT CONSERVATIVE) for our environment,our future & for Canada.

    Thank you. Ronald Mcisaac,Saint john,NB.

    BTW- ALL campaign’s except the Conservatives (what a shock?!) have bought Carbon offsets from companies like http://www.carbonzero.ca/ ,be it spite?,stubbornness?,stupidity?,the Conservatives refuse to do anything to offset their campaign,unacceptable.

    Click to access DSF-BN-Carbon-Pricing-June08.pdf

    Click to access Carbon_Tax_Cap_and_Trade_briefing_2008_May.pdf







    Please note: I am not part of any political party or any organization & also I made the HUGE mistake of voting conservative in the last federal election,so if you don’t care about our planet or are just a conservative voter for whatever your reasons,please just delete this e-mail & move on. I have tho decided to support the NDP. thank you. RMc. :-)___________________________________________________________________________________________

  2. […] Climate change is here now.  Climate change impacts each and every one of our families.  We, the people of this earth, get it.  We live with the smog.  We live with the pollution.  We live with the more frequently devastating storms such as Katrina.  My question is why then, in a democratic society, do our politicians not get it?  It’s because we keep on voting in members of parliament that do not listen to us.  We, the people, are responsible for voting those politicians in.  Both Canada and the United States soon go to the polls.  Who are you going to choose to represent you?  Someone who also is concerned about the earth or someone who does not get that the economy of our nation, the economy of the world is directly tied into going Green and paying attention to the environment as the first most important thing.  Everything related to humans revolves around the earth.  Please see this link!  https://stephenleahy.wordpress.com/2008/09/27/vote-for-the-green-economy/ […]

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