Biofuels Worse Than Paying People to Use More Gasoline – European Study

I’ve done several articles previously about the problems of biofuels. (see below). New report out today shows Europe’s biofuel policy completely wrong headed.

European plans to promote biofuels will drive farmers to convert 69,000 square km of wild land into fields and plantations, depriving the poor of food and accelerating climate change, a report by green groups warned.

…extra biofuels that Europe will use over the next decade will generate between 81 and 167 percent more carbon dioxide than fossil fuels,

— read Reuters take

My previous articles listed below cover much of the same ground although the report is more specific reading impacts of EU policy than anything to date.  — Stephen

Europe’s Green Energy Portfolio Up in Smoke?

“Europe is going to cook the world’s tropical forests to fight climate change; it’s crazy” — Millions of Trees Burned for ‘Green Energy’

Ethanol and Biofuels – Everything (Almost) You Need to Know

2 thoughts on “Biofuels Worse Than Paying People to Use More Gasoline – European Study

  1. Stephen, do you have any links to studies about the emissions from burning ethanol? They appear to be precious few. I know only of Mark Jacobson, from Stanford, who published a couple of papers indicating the emissions (PAN’s) are worse than those from coal and oil in terms of effects on human health.

    A couple of researchers told me no one is testing emissions because it would involve heating and be too expensive.

    I would be very interested to know if you have any information on this topic because it seems possible to me that the addition of ethanol to gasoline might be what is behind the rapidly accelerating damage to trees and indeed all other vegetation.

    Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.


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