Low Levels of Air Pollution Dangerous For Your Heart

This is the first study to assess the effect of real-world air pollution according to environmentalresearchweb:

“Air pollution is bad for your heart – particularly if you are elderly.”

This new animal study provides biological evidence of the well-known finding that air pollution increases cardiovascular disease and mortality.

Turns out that even relatively low levels of pollution — particulates from the burning of fossil fuels or wood — is “reducing the blood’s ability to carry oxygen and perhaps altering neural reflexes too. Meanwhile, the gaseous pollutants might be causing tissue inflammation, leading to less efficient uptake of oxygen through the lungs”.

The affects were worse with age. “It would seem prudent to work towards reducing exposure to these pollutants…”

Yet another compelling reason to end the addiction to fossil fuel use and to also help bring cleaner-burning stoves to the people who need them for cooking. Stephen

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