Media Fails on Climate Change in 2010 – How You Can Ensure 2011 Will Be Better

Few people understand the serious danger climate change poses all of us largely because media have done a poor job in covering it. In 2010, US TV media pretended it had all gone away – no more global warming…poof, bad dream, moving on.

From the must-bookmark The Daily Climate:

Drexel University professor Robert Brulle has analyzed nightly network news since the 1980s. Last year’s climate coverage was so miniscule, he said, that he’s doubting his data.


Coverage of December’s United Nations climate talks in Cancun is Exhibit A: Total meeting coverage by the networks consisted of one 10-second clip, Brulle said. By contrast, 2009’s Copenhagen talks generated 32 stories totaling 98 minutes of airtime. “I’m trying to check it again and again,” Brulle said of the 2010 data. “It’s so little, it’s stunning.”

Newspapers do little better with a huge decline in the US/Canada in 2010 which had some of the lowest level of coverage in the world, lower than Asia and the Pacific according to this graph.

And finally TDC reports it’s own statistics:’s archives extend reliably only to 2007. Year-to-year comparison shows a steep decrease in 2010 climate coverage for many of the world’s major media outlets – off 51 percent in Toronto’s Globe & Mail, 44 percent in the Wall Street Journal, 21 percent in the New York Times, 33 percent in the London Guardian, based on’s database.

This media reality is the reason I started Community Supported Environmental Journalism to enable people to support enviro journalism that serves the public interest.

I got the idea over a year ago I when I was covering a major conservation conference where virtually all of the freelance journalists there were told ‘no interest – no money’ by all the media they wrote for. That literally meant hardly anyone in the world would know that some of the world’s leading conservation experts had announced the need to put 50% of the planet into some form of protection in order to sustain the planet’s ecosystems.

I get a lot of encouragement from many people, including leading scientists, who say: ‘we need people like you to write about these issues‘. But I can’t feed myself, let alone my family in today’s media reality. So it was either quit or try something new to ensure people are kept informed about these vital issues.

That new thing is Community Supported Environmental Journalism. Dozens of people offered their help in 2010 the first full year. They donated nearly $6,000 which helped to ensure many breaking international stories were covered including the first media reports on the global die-off of corals and how climate change may be bringing colder winters to Europe and eastern North America, coverage of important international meetings like the Convention on Biodiversity, UNFCCC climate change conference and much more. (All my articles are posted on this site, some 400+ and searchable. Note: This is an advertising-free site.)

Consider a donation of just $5 a week – about the price of a big-city cappuccino or a cheap pint – to support enviro journalism that serves the public interest.

Contributions can be made safely and easily via PayPal* or Credit Card* (See below for other options)

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13 thoughts on “Media Fails on Climate Change in 2010 – How You Can Ensure 2011 Will Be Better

  1. […] Republican Senators were about to successfully block a long-term health benefits package until Stewart called them on it during his show before the Christmas break. The most astonishing fact is not the Senators’ cynical behaviour. The most astonishing fact was no TV network news show had reported on this situation even though it had gone on for weeks. (They also failed to cover global warming in 2010) […]

    • No, its the other way around Bruce. Carbon is essential to life. Millions of years of dead plant matter full of carbon became oil, coal, gas. Now we are releasing that immense store of carbon into the atmosphere as CO2. It is too much of a good thing and that is what has caused global temps to rise.

      • Would you like an open public debate in science, there is 70 times the co2 level in the ocean than the Air, life comes from the ocean,so does all the water vapor causing all the weather.

      • The dead plant matter full of carbon came from CO2 in the air frist, that came from the ocean via volcano. The CO2 level in the ocean is 70 times the level of the atmosphere, all life comes from the ocean for the last 600 million years, and your comment there is no debate in science is very interesting, in my 40 years of science no one has ever told me science is not open for debate, science is to ~know~, knowledge confronted by knowledge, if science was not open to debate we would still be bloodleting.

  2. The Media has been ridiculous about reporting the truth- though ABC did a great piece over the last 24 hours (1-13-14,2010) Without any ‘equal’ time for deniers.

    • Have you looked at this science site yet? It will answer yr questions in any level of detail from basic to advanced. Ask questions and they will respond but you have to provide evidence to back your statements not make unsubstantiated claims.

      • So you can not explain the science, I have reviewed all the UN science, all of Al Gores references, Joe Berry of Stanford U, References, as well as many others over my four years investegation, of about five hours a day, and as the UN stated, they have not proven man caused CO2 causes Climate Change, obviously you have failed High school level science, or you have no science comprehension, and or you have not reviewed my references and or read my work,
        based on forty seven years of National Geograpic, or my 40 years of hands on working science in the feild of emission science. You preach and you can not explain or prove anything, you are not a scientist, and you say science is not open for debate, and here you are with a web site debating science, that is illogical. I will read your reference, and get back to you, odds are I already have, and it is garbage like all the others.

  3. As I thought, I have already reviewd your science, there are one dozen causes of climate change missing from your science, 32,000 per-reviewed scientists have signed a petition stating the science is flawed, but your not a scientist, so how would you know either way, you just believe in somthing you can not prove because you want to believe.
    Believe is to make Believe.
    The lower atmosphere is heated by the hot core of the planet, forcing cold air down to the lower atmoshpere, your science does not cause warming, your science is at best the secondary reaction, to a secondary reaction to a primary action caused by the sun,during a heat wave caused by the sun CO2 caused by mankind is less than 000.000% of the air do to water vapor containing 70 times the CO2 level than the Air, and you dont get it. your science has been dis proven as the causes of primary warming for many years, you keep on preaching beliving in somthing you can not prove or explain, like many others with no science comprehension. you are not a scientist you are a preacher.

    • Bruce – that 32,000 scientist petition is a complete fraud, disproven years ago when it was a mere “800 scientist petition”. You’ve done all your “science research” on the internet.

      As anyone can see I cite real scientists — none of this is my opinion or “my science”. The articles I write are based on what scientists tell me and what is in their studies. You should read some of those studies and talk to people who are actually working in climate science.

      This is my last word on this with you.

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