Three Simple Rules for Climate-Safe Living

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R.E.D. Guide to Climate-safe Living

1. Reduce.

Reduce your personal fossil fuel consumption (oil, coal, gas) every way you can.

2. Eliminate.

Eliminate all non-essential activities and products that involve the burning of fossil fuels.

3. Demand.

Demand that business and government provide transport, activities and products without or minimal fossil fuel use.

Reduce. Eliminate. Demand. R.E.D.

One thought on “Three Simple Rules for Climate-Safe Living

  1. You have become one of my inspirations since seeing your book on Water and our usage. Now I have interest in Canada’s Mining Legacy and it is shocking, shameful and needs to be shared with ordinary Canadians, like me. And @1partperbillion are great follows.
    Who are we when we are honest, not self-praising and promoting ourselves?
    Thank you for sharing. I now follow you on Twitter and look forward to your tweets.

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