Paris Climate Talks – World has New Climate Plan

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And its over!! Paris Agreement Adopted

Cheers and Tears all round


Post COP21 Analysis: Paris Agreement is now legal

what just happened?

what does it all mean?

It will take time to process but we will provide analysis Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “Paris Climate Talks – World has New Climate Plan

  1. I only wish I could share the enthusiasm of some for the outcome at COP21. While it is true that its aspirational goals (eg 1.5C cap) are better than many thought possible, commitments to the legally binding GHG reductions needed to have any serious chance of staying below that cap are simply not in the agreement and we ought not to fool ourselves into believing that they are. Bright-siding the agreement may actually make its aspirational goals less likely to be achieved if people believe that the world’s leaders have finally hammered out a roadmap for averting the climate crisis. Demobilization is not what we need when the building of a Climate Justice Movement is more crucial than ever to turning words into action. In my view, this analysis of the COP21 bottom line by George Monbiot is right on the mark:

    • Agree there’s still a long way to go. In fact this is just the beginning. And few have actually wrapped their heads around what we will have to do to decarbonize. Yes, there’s a risk the public will think ‘problem solved’, a lot more education will be needed by govts, civil society, business and school systems. And it will have to be relentless.

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